Emergency Services


Emergency Services

Civil Air Patrol serves America by developing our nation’s youth; performing local, state, and national missions; and informing our citizens about the importance of aerospace education.

What Emergency Services means at Columbia Composite:

Readiness to assist in local disasters. Our squadron has helped sandbag when the Willamette River threatened to overflow its banks. Our squadron helps each year to distribute food boxes to needy families. One year that food distribution happened in a severe snowstorm, which was declared a disaster. We also helped evacuate citizens and their belongings from an apartment building when unusual flooding cracked its foundation.

Columbia Composite Squadron is also active in Search and Rescue with the Oregon Wing, which often means going to the Aurora State Airport and assisting at the Mission Base. There are important roles for both adults and cadets in emergency services.

Our adults can train and be FEMA-ready to participate in many other roles to help local, state and national officials.