How To Join Civil Air Patrol

Columbia Composite SquadronWould you like to become part of our picture?

Civil Air Patrol is an exciting and rewarding program that provides both cadet youth and adult officers unique opportunities to grow as a individuals while serving our community, state, and nation. Here are the steps you need to take if you would like to join:

  1. Contact us to schedule a visit to our squadron. We will need to hear from you by the Wednesday prior to the meeting you would like to visit in order to arrange base access.
  2. We recommend that you come as a guest to at least three meetings before you decide to join. We want to make sure you have a good orientation to our culture, style of leadership, and the volunteer opportunities that are available to you at Columbia Composite.
  3. If you decide to join Civil Air Patrol we will provide you with a membership application, fingerprint card (adults only), and inform you of the amount of annual dues.
  4. Once you are a member of the squadron we will help you establish your goals in CAP and assist you in your professional development process. We want your success!